Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Rebekha Jennings: A Lady Who Loves Beer

After living in Japan for a few years, she returned to Atlanta and saw the city anew appreciating both the arts and craft beer scenes alike. When she combined her interests by creating an "Art of Beer" event, where she met brewer Greg Niznik, the idea for the Ponce De Leon Festival was born.

With plans to put her love for community and creation to use by opening a farm to table resort and a brewery in Asheville sometime in the near future, this month's Lady Who Loves Beer is one to watch as she continues to make her dreams take flight.

Meet Rebekha Jennings: a lady who loves beer.

Where are you from? How did you end up in Atlanta? Do you think this is your forever home?
Originally I was born in Richmond Virginia. I think my parents chose that location because as I hear it "Richmond is for Lovers."Not that I remember anything about the area because my parents moved me to Atlanta when I was two, but I try to keep the "Lover" inside my heart. 
Over the years I dance back and forth on my feelings about the Atlanta area. I see it being an overall violent town but also look upon how it has blossomed over the years. I love seeing the art scene developing and really contribute it to SCAD opening its doors a few years back. 
Also, I enjoy the inner whispers of the film industry coming into fruition. I know this will do great thing for the city's growth. I was able to step away from the city and moved to Japan for a few years. Being on the other side of the world can give you enough space to see Atlanta from a far and when I returned I could enjoy the city as a whole. I will always keep Atlanta as my base but I do have my eye set on Asheville and feel its only a matter of time before I make my move.


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