What is it?
Drinking in the world of craft beer through her original photography, writing, artwork and design, Jessica Miller is a self-taught social media junkie with a formal background in teaching and creative writing and a passion for the perfect pour.

Why is it?
My objectives are to eat well, drink whole-heartedly, and savor the deliciousness of my daily life. I'm actively seeking work in the areas of photography, consulting, and writing. Let's work together!

Let's work together!
Interested in collaborating on content? Have some news to share? Need someone to help you reach your audience? Want help building your own online presence? Let's chat! I love working with people with an authentic love and devotion to the craft of beer.

Contributing Author(s)

Darren Crovitz is a contributing author and Managing Editor of HEYBREWTIFUL. When he's not reading, writing, talking and carefully editing content for HB, he's hard at work in his role as a professor of Education. Connect with Darren on Twitter @dcrovitz.

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Email me: heybrewtiful{at}gmail{dot}com.





  1. Hello, I wanted to invite you to come check out Empire State Pizza & Growlers in Dunwoody.

    1. Hi Todd! Thanks for reaching out. I hope to make it down sometime soon. I'll let you know when I'm in the neighborhood.



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