Friday, August 30, 2013

What's Cookin' Brewtiful? {Spent Grain Bread}

Lately I've had Autumn on the brain, although here in the South it's still very much August, and despite a few teasingly cool days a week or so back it's still sweltering mid-day. But cooler temps, and the promise of a change in seasons has the lazy days of summer behind me (at least in my brain). Around these parts that means bread-baking days are deliciously present, and I'm excited to have the dough rising on the counter again in preparation for many yummy combinations to share with family and friends.

Perks of being a bread-maker's bestie who also has the brewery hookup? Spent grain bread, of course.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Happy (belated) Birthday to Red Brick Brewing!

Let's me start by saying I was not the designated driver.

One of the many benefits of not having a smart phone is that I do not often feel the compulsion to take pictures of deliciousness before consuming all evidence of said deliciousness.

When presented with glacial amounts of brews + food trucks it's really the best option to let the beer and burgers go first (or is that women and children). Did I mention the titanic amount of beer that was at this thing?

I did, however, manage to snap a few little lovelies and set them aside for you here: You can thank me later. It's cool.


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