Friday, March 29, 2013

Sarah Young: A Lady Who Loves Beer

Named by her day job "The Apostle of Ales," this Atlanta brew maven has a deep love for the local craft beer scene. When she's not serving her beer interests at the local festivals, brewpubs, and breweries, you'll find her filling a glass with family and friends, taking long walks with her beagle babies and her boyfriend Matt, enjoying a Braves game, or enjoying her spare time in the great outdoors. As down to earth and down home in person as she is online, let me introduce...

Sarah Young: a lady who loves beer.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Radishes, Beets, and Beer (oh my).


So, I'm thinking of brewing a beer.

I've been in a supervisory {slash} imbibing role for some time now, and it's probably about time I brew my own damn beer.

I'm thinking radishes. Or beets. Or possibly both (but not in the same batch).

Last week I exchanged some wilty lettuce at the co-op for two extra bags of radishes that no one seemed to want, and after about a lifetime of believing they were "too spicy" for consumption, and eating them at least four different ways since last Tuesday, I'm now convinced that they are perhaps the perfect beer companion. Also, radishes are of a sort, and when pickled (soaked in a little vinegar) they all but lose their sharp flavor and absorb all the lovely goodness in which they've been marinating.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Gina Silva: A Lady Who Loves Beer

Raised in Puerto Rico with an inevitable taste for rum, this gal has purportedly been drinking beer since she was a baby (no, really--she sent evidence). She now enjoys the slow-sippin, porch life of the ATL with her husband and her black lab, Sam. When she's not dreaming up new beer recipes, supervising her husband's home brew efforts, and chillin with her pup, she also enjoys competitive cooking (Drunken Chicken Chili anyone?), and transforming her drinking leftovers into Pinterest worthy creations.

This is Gina Silva, and she loves beer.

Friday, March 15, 2013

A Lady Who Loves Beer: Tierney Pomone

A part-time fashionista and full time brew aficionado "on a quest for the Holy Grail of beer," this lady hails from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and is a self described mix of "Carrie Bradshaw, Zane Lamprey and the girl next door". A contributor to (your unofficial guide to Harrisburg, PA), BeerStreetJournal, and a founding member of Stouts&Stilletos, may I introduce...

Tierney Pomone: a lady who loves beer.

Friday, March 8, 2013

A Lady Who Loves Beer: Valerie Gibson

When she’s not arranging back room deals for bottles of Pliny the Elder, sharpening her sniffing and tasting skills with the local home brew club, and longing for the Colorado mountains, this Texas lady takes full advantage of all the Dallas craft beer scene has to offer. She will drink with just about anyone as long as they don’t offer her a Blue Moon (The dudes better check their boring beer recommends at the door. The lady knows what she likes.)

This is Valerie Gibson and she loves beer. She works and plays in Dallas, Texas. When she’s not drinking beer, she enjoys champagne times infinity.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

February in review

Wow. Talk about love. And February was a whole lot of it. I'm not talking about Valentine's Day (which, let's be honest, is always sort of a bust) but all kinds of lovely things happened in such a short month, I almost forgot I had a day job. Almost.

Aside from meeting up with Covert Hops down at Monday Night Brewing, I also made more beer bread, met up with the good people (and good beers) from Reformation Brewery, attended another excellently chilly tour and tasting with the good people at The Burnt Hickory Brewery in my current hometown, watched Hannah down at Red Brick work on her first brew, and arranged some very interesting conversation with the women of the internet (thanks ladies!).

I also added some tasty bits to my growing collection, including this little gem.

I came across a few drool worthy beverages to add to my seasonal drinking plans...

And pinned some leisurely reading, of particular note the compelling piece of genius pictured below (just exchange the icy drink for a moderately chilled beer and I'm all set):

I know March is already a few weeks in, but I'm already feeling like there's plenty of love left over from the previous month to keep things wet and yeasty (eh, I mean, full and moist...). You know what I mean. Howabout you? Was February good to you? Did you get cuddly close and make brewtiful plans for the coming months?  I hope so. I hope so.

In the meantime, stay tuned for the second installment of {LadiesWhoLoveBeer} this Friday, and every Friday in the month of March.


Friday, March 1, 2013

A lady who loves beer: Erin Lundmark

While most of her free time is spent drinking in her basement (and with six taps, who can blame her), this lady spends the rest of her waking hours working with her husband Mike on their soon to open startup, Jekyll Brewing in Alpharetta. In addition to being a brewery owner, a Steeler's fan, and a mother of three (is it three kids, or three bulldogs?) this lady loves her beer and her dance moves, and is ready for more of both. Clearly we need to hang out. 

This is Erin Lundmark, and she loves beer. 


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