Friday, May 9, 2014

Cori Paige: A Lady Who Loves Beer

Cori has balls, and she can juggle them. With three emerging projects currently underway, including a new online magazine (focused on craft beer, wine, spirits and more), a nonprofit aimed at getting veterans employed (in the Craft Drinks industry of course), and an education and advocacy group for Craft manufacturers and consumers, she's one of the hardest working women I know (it only took me a year to get her to agree to this interview--who says persistence doesn't pay off?). 

Though she doesn't know why (I'd wager it's that alluring radio voice she has at her disposal), people just don't seem to say "No" to Cori. So when she asked me to join her team as one of the photographers for the upcoming issue of CRAFT by Under My Host set to debut (online) in about six weeks, I of course said "Yes." I'm only a eentsy, teensy but excited about that. 

Cori has pretty much said goodbye to wish lists because she's too busy making them come true. Meet Cori Paige, a badass lady who loves beer.


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