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Caren West: A Lady Who Loves Beer

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Naming her dad as her ideal drinking buddy, she says that although she prefers more hop-forward beers when given a beer list, she'll try just about anything (including drinking a PBR when the time calls for it). Hells yeah.

Celebrating nearly a decade of business in Atlanta handling public relations for some very beer-centric clients (including Wild Heaven, Frozen Pints, and Cypress Street Pint & Plate to name a few) this social butterfly really knows how to throw a party and is a powerhouse of positive energy and enthusiasm wherever she goes.

Meet Caren West: a lady who loves beer.

How did you end up in Atlanta, and do you think you'll stay for always?
"To make a very long story short: I graduated from Auburn University, so ended up spending a lot of time in Atlanta throughout my college career, but never thought I would make it my home. After I graduated, I spent one last glorious summer at the beach working at the Weekapaug Inn in Rhode Island, moved to South Carolina for hot minute, and then the next thing I knew I found myself in Atlanta looking for jobs.

I love our city. I am so proud to live in Atlanta and own a business here. I don't see myself leaving any time soon (or really ever) other than buying property in other cities and the beach, but I will always have a home in Atlanta. I made a very conscious decision to open a business in Atlanta and will continue to do my best to support the community and all the incredible businesses and people who make our city so great."

What's your day job? What do you love about it?
"I'm the President of Caren West PR, a full-service public relations and graphic design firm that specializes in lifestyle, entertainment, and events. I always say that public relations is a lifestyle since it’s a 24-7 type of a gig on a lot of levels, which is one of the things I love (and hate) about it. I also tend to get bored very easily and no two days are alike, which means every day is an adventure. I really couldn't be luckier. I have a great team, awesome clients, I bring my dogs to the office in the Old Fourth Ward, and I get to meet and work with truly inspiring people on a daily basis."
Does beer play a role in your professional life? 
"Beer has definitely played a role in my professional life, but it was more of a happy accident than a strategic plan. Not only have I inked a lot of deals over a brew and made lifelong friends personally and professionally because of a shared affinity for it, but I also have the great fortune to work with a lot of beer-loving folks and businesses including Wild Heaven Craft Beers, Cypress Street Pint and Plate, Bone Lick BBQ, and Frozen Pints craft beer ice cream to name a few."
When you're not drinking beer you're... 
"Since we work with such a dynamic scope of lifestyle clients, work tends to consume most of my time, which happens to involve drinking beer from time to time. When I am not working, or drinking beer, or working and drinking beer, you can find me reading a book, playing with my giant Golden Retriever Bloo and tiny Chihuahua Morgan, or solving all the problems of the world at the beach."
Beer: old loves, new favorites?
"Although I tend to go hoppy, I love exploring beer and I'm open to try almost anything, especially recommendations from Cypress Street’s Rob “BrewRu" Merrick, Reid Ramsey, Bob Townsend and Ale Sharpton. A few of my favorite go-to brews: Bell’s Two Hearted Ale, Wild Heaven Invocation, Wild Heaven Ode to Mercy, Terrapin Hopsecutioner, Founder’s All Day IPA, Dale’s Pale Ale, Dogfish Head 60 Min IPA. And, I'm not going to lie – I love a frosty PBR or Miller High Life when the time calls for it."
Favorite places to grab a beer?
"Atlanta has so many fantastic haunts including Cypress Street Pint and Plate, Argosy, Diesel Filling Station, Brick Store, Bone Lick BBQ, 5 Seasons, and The Porter. And, I consider myself very, very fortunate and have a number of haunts that feel like home where the staff and owners always take great care of me, including Bone Lick, Cypress and Vickery’s in Glenwood Park."
If you could have one beer with anyone in the world, who would it be and where would you raise your glass?
"Without a doubt it would be my dad, because he’s simply the greatest person I know. While he currently lives in Florida, he was born and raised in New York, so I would love to hang out with him the city, but honestly his back patio would do just fine."

Future goals, beer-related or not:
" Make more time for fishing. Seriously. And, continue to take the bull by the horns."
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