Friday, October 31, 2014

Craft Beer Mocked on Cover of The New Yorker: Geeks Unsure If They Should Celebrate

Entitled "Hip Hops" and created by Peter de Sève, The New Yorker's November cover was a sign to some that craft beer has "made it." 

Others, notably Oliver Gray of Literature & Libation (who won first place for best beer blog in this year's North American Beer Writers Guild contest), were less enthused:
"It plays to stereotypes. Are we guilty, as a community, of perpetuating those? We sure are. So many beards. So much plaid. Does that make this a clever cover, or anything accurate? Nope."
Adopting the posture and air of a sommelier presenting wine to diners in a fine restaurant, the waiter in the image, dressed in his finest flannel and denim, politely displays the bottle for the woman at a communal table, waiting for her approval before (presumably) pouring the contents into a glass.

Though his pretentious display is largely ignored by others in the scene, the man across from her scrutinizes his own beer, nose upraised and lips pursed in the theatrical manner of a connoisseur.

Yes, it's snobbery. But it's all pretend.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Leigh Germy: A Lady Who Loves Beer

Meet Leigh. She's Terrapin Beer Company's Atlanta Market Rep. and an all around awesome Lady. 

A crazy talented photographer, and a resource for healthy balance between beer and brewing up a hella strong immune system (she gave me some rad tips on juicing a while back) this sweet and sassy beer beauty jumped in to fill the feature for Atlanta's October Lady Who Loves Beer. 

Thanks Leigh!

Hey, go ahead and wish her a happy birthday while you're at it by drinking a Terrapin beer (it's her birthday month, she tells me).

Tell us about you. Where are you from? How did you end up in Georgia? Do you think Athens will be your forever home?

"I'm a nomad from the midwest. My family moved around most of my childhood. I moved to Atlanta 10 years ago, looking for something new and warmer weather. I live in Decatur currently. I always dream about going West; who knows what will happen?"


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