Friday, November 29, 2013

Give the Gift of Beer {A Guide}: Part 2

In the spirit of giving (and gifting), Atlanta's own @ATLbrewbabe has graciously agreed to share some of her top beer-centric gift ideas for the devoted imbiber in your life. Make sure to check out her individual posts for a more detailed overview of each item, and special promo codes. Thanks for sharing Gina! Click here for more gift ideas from ATLbrewbabe.

Last and most certainly not least are my last 5 gift suggestions. All these gifts are from small business and a few are hand-made--two qualities I greatly admire (and the reason I decided to create this gift guide). This holiday season connect with your community and give back by buying local.

6. Beer & Food Calendar by Heidi Schweigert (a.k.a. redcruiser) on Etsy

7. Beer Transport Unit via Growler on Board and available at The Smyrna Beer Market

8. Chalkboard beer caddy by Pauline Knighton (owner of SixNSticks) on Etsy

9. Beer Sweater by Freaker

10. Glassware by

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

There's {Beard Envy} at Red Brick Brewing

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There is an energy here. A mysticism. Like any other task, brewing has a unique language. Its own dance moves. Its own silent prayers.

Though the music of the brewery is likely a common enough song between brewers (whose worlds seem to combine industry, sorcery, and science in equal parts) it's a melody that retains enough of the unfamiliar to still weave spells over me.

Steam rises from the pile of wet grain. Someone turns on a little old-school rock-n-roll. Bottles jump and shimmy in the line like overeager teenagers.

The men move leisurely around the brewhouse in boots and safety glasses, sporting mustaches in varying stages of success. Guarded against the cool temps with winter hats and warm jackets, their routines are measured in pithy remarks and bouts of hard labor.

Heat from the brew tanks collides with the cold air from the open hanger, a subtle fog hanging in the overlap.

I sit in a small gap taking photographs between the racks of reused Buffalo Trace barrels. Clinging in a sticky, crusted advertisement, the exterior of one belies its closeted richness. Inside, a 9% barleywine they've named "Beard Envy," does its work.

"This one's going to get some people in trouble," I say as one of the brewers approaches my alcove.

There's a kind of magic in these whiskey casks. Made from oak trees that first lived and breathed for as long as 70-80 years before being transformed into vessels for man's spirited concoctions, the wood endows whatever it holds with its particulars.

The malty richness of this barleywine will take on the bourbon quality still emanating from the unique character in the charred oak. Steve Anderson, lead brewer, had this to say about the upcoming release.
"Barleywines are kind of a hard sell. We tried to stay away from an overly sweet barley wine. What we typically don't like about barley wines is that syrupy sweet, overly caramel taste like a Werther's Original. This one is very balanced. Easy to drink, but kind of sneaky on the alcohol. I used a lot of Dark Munich Malt. It's kind of our secret weapon." 

Mr. Anderson warns that this one may be hard to get due to the small amount made. So if a locally made barleywine from Atlanta's oldest brewery is your kind of inspiration, keep an ear to the ground for this future release or you might end up with envy of another kind.

Monday, November 25, 2013

DrinkLikaFish {ATLOnTap}

With their combined powers of inebriation, knowledge of movie and pop-culture trivia, and experience in both articulation and film editing, BiGFiSH and DOuble D are a triple "double threat" (because any idiot can get inebriated) that results in filmed beer reviews one might characterize as a delightful mix of train wreck and intelligence. With full-time jobs and families both, they began filming in 2010 and have 100+ episodes to date.

May I introduce, the men behind the bar at DrinkLikaFish, Brian and Dave! 

Can you tell our readers a bit about yourself and what you do? Is beer a full-time paying gig for you, or do you keep day jobs? 
BiGFiSH: If this was our full time gig we’d be two things; overjoyed and unemployed! No, Double D and I both have “day jobs” that have absolutely nothing to do with the brewing industry. We both work at the same company, but in different departments. I am a propaganda provocateur and he is a solutions specialist. Honestly, we work for a very cool company and often get to see some pretty impressive stuff. Not to mention we IM each other constantly throughout the day with cringe-worthy images, jokes, thoughts and overall foolishness. Good times.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Give the Gift of Beer {A Guide}

In the spirit of giving (and gifting), Atlanta's own @ATLbrewbabe has graciously agreed to share some of her top beer-centric gift ideas for the devoted imbiber in your life. Check out her recap below, or stop by her hot corner of the interwebs as she continues to share a daily dose of giving (including sweet promotional codes which entitle you to discounts and other freebies). Stop back next week for a follow-up post with even more gifty goodness.  

Make sure to check out her individual posts for a more detailed overview of each item, and special promo codes. Thanks for sharing Gina!


Let’s be honest. Sometimes your loved ones just need a gift with some… spirit. And by spirit, I mean beer. And by beer, I mean—wait, beer is exactly what I mean. Here's the weekly wrap up of gift ideas from my blog, ATLbrewbabe. Cheers!

  1. SoberDough, $6.75-$36.00 - With SoberDough you combine your favorite craft beer with the SoberDough bread mix for amazing Artisan bread. Best part? No baking skills kneaded.
  2. Baker's Bark, $5.95-$32.95 - Baker’s Bark is an all-natural craft beer spice rub. Perfectly balanced, it compliments all meats and veggies. Seriously, everything. 
  3. Hopcloth tee, $13.00-$18.00 - Hopcloth shirts are really soft and comfy with 60% cotton, 40% polyester blend. Enter 'ATLBREWBABE' discount code for 20% OFF. You're welcome.
  4. Brown Bag Soap Co, $2.25-$23.50 - Craft beer soap bar, lip balm & candles are only made using ingredients that you can understand when you read the label (ie. Coconut oil, sustainable palm oil, shea butter, olive oil, etc). 
  5. Duffy's Brew, $19.00 - Beer infused shampoo & conditioner. Currently made with the brew The Wise E.S.B. from Elysian Brewing Company.


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