Friday, November 22, 2013

Give the Gift of Beer {A Guide}

In the spirit of giving (and gifting), Atlanta's own @ATLbrewbabe has graciously agreed to share some of her top beer-centric gift ideas for the devoted imbiber in your life. Check out her recap below, or stop by her hot corner of the interwebs as she continues to share a daily dose of giving (including sweet promotional codes which entitle you to discounts and other freebies). Stop back next week for a follow-up post with even more gifty goodness.  

Make sure to check out her individual posts for a more detailed overview of each item, and special promo codes. Thanks for sharing Gina!


Let’s be honest. Sometimes your loved ones just need a gift with some… spirit. And by spirit, I mean beer. And by beer, I mean—wait, beer is exactly what I mean. Here's the weekly wrap up of gift ideas from my blog, ATLbrewbabe. Cheers!

  1. SoberDough, $6.75-$36.00 - With SoberDough you combine your favorite craft beer with the SoberDough bread mix for amazing Artisan bread. Best part? No baking skills kneaded.
  2. Baker's Bark, $5.95-$32.95 - Baker’s Bark is an all-natural craft beer spice rub. Perfectly balanced, it compliments all meats and veggies. Seriously, everything. 
  3. Hopcloth tee, $13.00-$18.00 - Hopcloth shirts are really soft and comfy with 60% cotton, 40% polyester blend. Enter 'ATLBREWBABE' discount code for 20% OFF. You're welcome.
  4. Brown Bag Soap Co, $2.25-$23.50 - Craft beer soap bar, lip balm & candles are only made using ingredients that you can understand when you read the label (ie. Coconut oil, sustainable palm oil, shea butter, olive oil, etc). 
  5. Duffy's Brew, $19.00 - Beer infused shampoo & conditioner. Currently made with the brew The Wise E.S.B. from Elysian Brewing Company.

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