Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Covert Hops at Monday Night Brewing

So last night I hit two birds with one home brew. This is entirely different from getting stoned with two brews and one home bird, but also fun.

What? That didn't make sense to you?

Last night I made my maiden voyage to Monday Night Brewing and met up with the good people of Covert Hops, an uber friendly home brew club that sponsors the Peach State Brew Off, a home brew competition happing next month. (Hi, Nate!)

Aside from being kind of a big deal 'round these parts, the upcoming AHA sanctioned Peach State Brew Off is some serious competition (they reached their maximum of 450 entries earlier this month) and the sole source of fundraising for the group.

They're looking for some dope swag and beer-related loveliness to raffle off at the competition if you're interested in that sort of thing. Which, you are, of course.

Here's their address and a sweet little letter explaining what you get in return. Surprise Jeff with something nice, won't you? Rumor has it that a lovely box from Dogfish Head arrived at their door recently. I don't know where I got that information, actually. Maybe I made that part up. But wouldn't it be awesome?

And now, a whole bunch of pictures. You're welcome.
Click to see the full album.

Oh and P.S., if you're a home brewer in Atlanta and want to hang with some knowledgeable, laid back, generous beer folk who won't thumb their nose at your extract brew (and will give you excellent tips on improving) then meet up with the friendly peeps of Covert Hops. They meet monthly on the third Tuesday of each month. Send the Director an email if you want to connect: director[at]coverthops[dot]com or follow them on Twitter @Covert_Hops_ATL.


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