Monday, October 29, 2012

Pro Drinking

You: "I thought you said you wanted to be a professional beer taster."
Me:   "I was only kidding. I just want to be a professional drunk."

I'm new-ish to the world of home brew. I don't really brew so much as enjoy the company of inebriated oglers who sit around in our driveway enjoying various forms of liquid courage while the men stir things into a turkey fryer and masticate their stogies.

So far, my participation has been limited mostly to routine imbibing and offering the occasional unsolicited criticism. I'm a critical part of the operation, clearly.

I'm learning neat words like sparge. Sparge! (For a "dorky, but functional" overview of sparging you may preview this little gem which I found by using my mad research skills--i.e. google). Also, "dorky, but functional" may need to go on a t-shirt.

Oh, and you know you want this for Christmas, right?

buy this shirt


Later, dudes.

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