Sunday, June 30, 2013

{don't be a glasshole} The Cans of Summer

photo credit @atlbrewbabe 

It's summer, ya'll. And that means beer -- beachside, poolside, parkside. As lovely as it is to sip gleefully from a snifter, glug straight from the bottle, or swing that historic looking hinge-topped growler from your handlebars, there are plenty of places that make glass impractical and unsafe. Take some advice from our pal Sarah: #dontbeaglasshole. Pass on the glass the next time you stop by to fill up at your local growler shop. Get in on the hot summer action with these options instead.

From left to right: Growler gamechanger via GremlinGrowlers; Stainless steel via TheBeerGrowler; Perfect poolside plastic via MoondogGrowlers.

Join the twitterverse (and instagramnation) using hashtag #thecansofsummer and share your pics of those lazy summer brews along with our locals, like @atlbrewbabe, who's made raising a can this summer pretty damn cool. Cheers Gina!
photo credit @atlbrewbabe 

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