Wednesday, January 15, 2014

{Update} with Tierney Pomone: A Lady Who Loves Beer

A dream date with Dave Grohl, Bourbon County Rare, and a kitten named Simcoe, Tierney Pomone has her priorities in order. Check out more of what Ms. Pomone has in store in today's update. 

So what's new? I decided to rope myself in about halfway through last year realizing I had stretched myself pretty thin and my priorities were a mess. I've focused my writing to just Stouts and Stilettos and On the professional side I've successfully scaled myself down to just one job, maintaining my cubicle-drone-by-day, craft-beer-evangelista-by-night persona. In my personal life I moved into a new place out of the suburbs and into the actual city of Harrisburg and got a kitten who we appropriately named Simcoe.

Future goals? I still have aspirations to find a full-time gig within the craft beer industry, but for 2014 they're taking a bit of a back burner unless something amazing comes along. I have big goals for Stouts and Stilettos this year. I hope to roll out more content than ever before, facilitate great more partnerships with women in the industry, and find a way to be an advocate as much as possible. I hope to do my best to promote other's ventures as well as my own this year including some up-and-coming breweries around Harrisburg and maybe even a few charities.

New Brew Loves? Last week I tried Abita's Grapefruit IPA which somehow just made its way to my local area. As someone who's not crazy into IPAs, I liked it because it played up the citrus hop flavors that I do enjoy in IPAs. Also, I just tried Great Divide's Collette a saison/farmhouse ale. I adore saisons almost as much as stouts these days and found this to be an easy and enjoyable drink. PS - Terrapin can feel free to send more of that White Chocolate Moo Hoo up our way.

Old Favorites - Well with Troegs Mad Elf season coming to a close, I've committed to helping bars finish of their holiday brews. Lately I've been sipping Bell's Winter White, Great Lakes Christmas Ale, and local Brewery at Hershey's Naughty and Spiced. In the coming months I'll be switching back to stouts until it's time for Bell's Hopslam, then Oberon, and next thing you know it's summer.

If I could have one beer with anyone, which is difficult now because you've limited me to just one beer, I'd share (reluctantly) some Bourbon County Rare with Dave Grohl in my living room. We've got a guitar he can randomly just start playing. I'm pretty sure he'd love a beer as bad ass as Bourbon County Rare, plus I'm pretty sure we'd have a pretty epic time that would end up with us lost in the streets of Harrisburg somewhere.


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