Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Keeping Good Company: Dogfish Head Glassware

Less triage, more drinking. Now that's an excellent glassware review. Sexy, playful, and to the point. Snobs, take a seat. Dogfish Head is at the bar. 

Here we have two smartypants drinkers who've let their drawers drop, or at the very least, have avoided getting their panties in a twist.

As you may have noticed, I'm a bit preoccupied with the idea of "appropriate" glassware. Snobs aside, beer is for drinking, and Dogfish Head has done a great job of differentiating their glassware options as playful and hedonistic vessels for enjoying your brew.

Unisex seems inadequately sexy and appealing to describe the message of these adorable beer aficionados, although it does accurately convey the equal opportunity drinking portrayed in this felicitously brief overview, which finds that three glasses are sufficient for enjoying a range of beer, and equates them with the standard "white shirt" men and women alike might keep on hand: the white cotton tee, the linen shirt, and the silk blouse.  

Crinkly-eyed, bar-side drinking and smiles all around. Pull up a chair and say hello with a clink of your glass. Egalitarian is the word for it. No little black dress. No black tie. Just straightforward, no-fuss, classically good looking beer. Flavor saver not required (but mustaches are nice). 

Well done, friends.


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