Friday, December 28, 2012

December in review: a brewtiful guide to the internets

Dear December,

How glad I am to see you go. So glad, I give you this recap four whole days early. Behold! Also, I planned to wait until the first to bestow this list of life altering internet linkage upon you, but I'm anticipating a bit of a morning after fog January first and thought it prudent to plan ahead. Wait, what's that? You missed last month's riveting recap of the interwebs. All right then. 

As we know all too well, the internets have been a dark place this December, but there is a light around the corner called New Years Eve and I shall be amenable to her midnight fires and starry-eyed imbibing. So there.

No plans for your own toasty libations? You could try Red Brick for starters. Or Moondog (also Growler Nation, Smyrna Beer Market, Ale Yeah, Gremlin Growlers). Also, no adolescent drinking, please. Get some serious beer, and be a seriously safe driver. M'kay?

Cheers everyone!

Four beers I had that do not even remotely suck:

Some things I find mildly amusing:

Some things I'd like to eat immediately (or yesterday):

Other things in existence that are also beer related:

Beer writing worth reading with a drink in your hand:
CRAFT VS. CRAFTY (a throwdown or sorts)
OTHER INTERESTING BEER READING (if you're into that sort of thing)

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