Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I Love Beer {Soap}

Some soap from Brown Bag Soap Company came in the mail last week, and I immediately swooned.

This may come as no surprise, but as a work-from-home/stay-at-home mom most days, I am usually in no hurry to bathe (I know I'm not alone here). But these soaps had me looking for an excuse to lather up.

The mess in the kitchen, the needs of my child, the pile of laundry yet to be washed -- all faded for at least a few moments while I inhaled the delicious aroma of these hand-crafted, locally made, beer-infused bars of soap-sent glory.

"What are you doing?" My husband asked, walking into the kitchen with an armful of groceries, a fistful of mail, and his work bag slung over his shoulder.

"Smelling beer soap. Here, smell it!"
And he did. And it was good.

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The package Hannah sent me last week has been sitting nearby my usual workspace, and taunting me with its delicious and heady aroma of hop resins and essential oils. Made with Sweetwater 420, orange and lemon essential oils, and a touch of honey, the Pale Ale Bar was easily my favorite, and with a host of natural and skin-soothing ingredients, my four-year-old was happily compliant when I tested them out on him at bath time.

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Not a soap snob? You will be after these.

At a little over five dollars a bar, they're an investment you'll want to savor. They'd be ideal as an unexpected gift for those who appreciate plant-based personal care products, or simply need to stop and smell the hops (which I much prefer to the smell of roses anyway).

To contact Brown Bag Soap Company and purchase some soap of your own, visit their website, follow them FacebookPinterest, and Twitter, or email


This is not a paid advertisement. Products were made available in exchange for a review only. These are my personal opinions and are presented as an honest representation of my own experience. 

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