Tuesday, March 4, 2014

{Update} with Kati Collier: A Lady Who Loves Beer

What's new with last year's LadiesWhoLoveBeer? I caught up with Kati Collier to find out.

With a new address already busting at the seems with beer, and the new title of Decatur's Girls Pint Out Rep., their growing beer family collection is showing little sign of slowing any time soon.

Kati dreams of making Ina Garten a "craft beer convert" and hopes to one day make space for solid food in the fridge. Catch up with the rest of Kati's news in today's update.

Any new developments on the beer horizon? 
I have had so much fun being back in ATL and getting back into the beer community here. Especially because I’ve met so many great ladies who love beer!

Props to our friend and fearless leader Gina, @atlbrewbabe, for starting up the new Georgia branch of Girls Pint Out. She’s doing a bang-up job of getting events and logistics going. I am honored to serve as the Decatur Chapter Rep and hope to keep getting connected with great local girls who love beer!
Brett and I closed on our house in Decatur in the fall and have really enjoyed entertaining friends and family there. 
We had a bottle share at the house before Christmas and I made a Mexican chocolate stout pound cake to pair with the epic Mexican Cake stout by Westbrook. The lovely Aly from Frozen Pints brought along some Moo-Hoo Mint Ice Cream and it was a match made in heaven. (Hey Food Network, if you’re reading this I’m totally down to host a show about beer and baking. Call me, maybe?)

I’ve helped Brett work a bunch of events around town, such as the Decatur Beer Festival, Hotoberfest, and Secret Stash Bash. Stone opened up the Alabama market to great fanfare, and so I helped work the Cask & Drum music/beer festival in Birmingham.
New brew loves?
Living in Decatur, a.k.a. the Epicenter of Good Beer in ATL, isn’t terrible. I love being close to Leon’s, The Porter (not actually Decatur, but still nearby!), and the newly renovated Decatur Taco Mac.

Fave new beers in the past few months: the new Stone Go To IPA. It’s a delicious IPA that clocks in at only 4.5%, so it’s not only sessionable but much lower in calories. It just hit the market on March 3rd and is their newest year-round release. Dreams do come true.

Brett and I celebrated our 1-year wedding anniversary in January by taking a trip to Washington DC. We really enjoyed sampling the local brews at ChurchKey and City Tap House, among others. Beercations are the best!
Future goals/plans/dreams either beer-related or not... 
I’m excited to help see Girls Pint Out grow in the state and meet more like-minded beer ladies! Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to stay updated with events.

We also need to do something about our beer cellar situation. Beer currently occupies about 90% of our fridge (terrible problem, I know) so it would be nice to make room for actual solid food again!
If you could have one beer anywhere and with anyone you like (past or present) who/where would you raise your glass and why?
I’d love to make a craft beer convert of Ina Garten. She just needs to know well a Stone IPA goes with her homemade pizza dough. We’d obviously be drinking on the porch of her fabulous Hampton’s home. I’d impress her with my encyclopedic knowledge of her cookbooks, suggest pairings with her food, and we’d laugh over IPA’s as she offered me rosemary roasted cashews.

Pictures from top left, clockwise: Working the Secret Stash Bash, Cask & Drum festival in Birmingham, Monday Night Brewing with a friend, and sharing beer-mosas with Brett at City TapHouse in DC.

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