Monday, March 24, 2014

#EarnYourBrew: A Fitness Challenge for Beer Lovers

A fitness challenge for beer lovers. Any goal you like. Attainable, realistic, and workable for your life. My goal is 6 miles of walking a week, any way I can get it. What's yours?

As most beer enthusiasts will likely admit, taking up drinking as a hobby can really add some inches to the waistline. I'm not overwhelmingly vain, but I do like to feel good, and moving my body (to the beat or otherwise) just feels good. My mind is clearer, my stress levels lower, and my motivation on the rise. What's not to like (seriously, can my enthusiasm be any more annoying at 9am?). Plus, there are only so many days until summer left, and I'd like to feel a little more free in the skin I'm in (bathing suit season--need I say more?).

I'll be spreading out my miles between two days each week. Bonus points for hula hooping on brew days. Pick a day (or every day) and get er done.

Inside, outside, upside down. Ok, maybe not the last one. Personally being in a gym kinda drives me batty, so I'll be walking it up through the many beautiful parks and trails we's got's here in Georgia. Post your fitness goals to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook with #EarnYourBrew. Let's do this.

Eat well, fill that pint glass with water (in between the beer of course), and use the hashtag #EarnYourBrew to keep track of meeting your weekly fitness goals. I'll be looking through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for media to share of others throughout the week.

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  1. I'm seriously tearing up. I'm so damn proud of you.



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