Thursday, March 13, 2014

Beer, baseball, and ice cream in single serving fix

This summer Atlantans can get their beer, baseball, and ice cream fix in a single serving as they take to the stands at Turner Field.

Frozen Pints, co-founded by business partners Aly Moler and Ari Fleischer, will be available in a branded cart on the main concourse of Turner Stadium "near a booth that sells craft beer."

In addition to exploring new corners of the ice cream market, Aly and Ari have been hard at work on a new flavor combination of Frozen Pints which marries Goose Island's Sofie (a twice-fermented Farmhouse Saison with a delicate, champagne-like flavor profile) with strawberries and cream. The limited-release flavor Strawberry Sofie is officially set to hit shelves this week.

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I had a chance to preview the flavor myself during Goose Island's Migration Week this month at Ormsby's in Atlanta which hosted a ladies-only evening of ice cream and beer pairings.

A rep. from the brewery did his best to elucidate the finer points of the Goose Island beers as we tasted each one along with a different flavor of Frozen Pints ice cream (though I'm not sure how dialed in he was to the existing expertise of his audience. "Next ladies, we have our IPA, which means India Pale Ale...," maybe the incredibly knowledgeable and nearby standing female rep. I'd met earlier in the week would have been a more appropriate choice? But I digress).

While strawberry ice cream has never been my favorite (I still prefer the more hop-forward and beer-centric styles of ice cream like the Frozen Pints Peach Lambic and Frozen Pints Honey IPA) I did think the sweet, fruity, and mildly beer-flavored Frozen Pints Strawberry Sofie paired beautifully with the tart and boozy Goose Island Lolita (not a menu-approved pairing, I might add).

If you don't want to wait until opening day, you can go ahead and get yourself a scoop at local Georgia retailers.

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