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Osayi Endolyn: A Lady Who Loves Beer

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A prolific writer based out of Atlanta, this California-born woman dreams of visiting Tokyo (for the sumo wrestling of course) and counts her tenacity through tough times among her proudest accomplishments. 

Currently working on a book about the U.S. Marine Corps, and an ongoing column on craft beer and cocktails in Atlanta Magazine (which you should definitely check out), this lady is a class act with a taste for Lagunitas (all the Lagunitas) and Orpheus Brewing's Serpent Bite.

Meet Osayi Endolyn: a lady who loves beer.  

Tell us about you. Where are you from? How did you end up in Atlanta? Do you think this is your forever home? When you're not drinking beer, you're...
I’m from California, born and raised. I grew up all over the state, but moved to Atlanta not long after finishing undergrad at UCLA. Atlanta means a lot to me. I have dear friends in this city and fell in love here. I started my pursuit in writing as a career here, so I discovered things about myself that are uniquely connected to this place. This is the city where I really became a grownup. Atlanta has given me some amazing opportunities.
When I’m not drinking beer, I’m reading, writing, editing, practicing yoga, tracking down good charcuterie, and depending on the season, watching sports. Also, having a solo dance party from time to time is really good for morale.
Congrats on your column with Atlanta Magazine! Tell us about the column. How did that come about?
During my writing MFA program at SCAD Atlanta, I interned at Atlanta Magazine. I had the chance to throw my hat in the ring and got assigned a feature—the oral history on SweetWater Brewing Co. I’ve been contributing in some fashion since then. I started writing about craft beer and cocktails for the magazine’s blog, Covered Dish, last year.
Can you speak about your other projects--BURNAWAY?, Womenetics?--and how they fit within the overall trajectory of your career?
I’m curious about a variety of subjects, so it feels natural that my writing credits reflect that diversity. I write about food and drink, contemporary art, entrepreneur profiles, the U.S. Marines, speech writing. I’ve written for publications and companies, in blogs, podcasts, and magazines. Lately I’ve been working on the copywriting side—advertisements, product descriptions, web content. I’ve been fortunate that the vast majority of the time, I get to work on projects that are of interest to me.
Favorite spot(s) in Atlanta to grab a brew?
Like most Atlanta beer fans, I try not to pass up drinking opportunities at The Porter or Brick Store Pub, especially when there’s a new release or fun tap takeover.
New brew loves? Old favorites?
I’m digging the sour saison, Serpent Bite, by Orpheus Brewing. It’s pretty damn sassy. Lagunitas always has me smiling. Always.
Future goals/plans/dreams, either beer-related or not...
My next goal is finishing my book, which in general, is about the U.S. Marine Corps.
If you could have one beer with anywhere and with anyone you like (past or present) who/where would you raise your glass and why?
My boyfriend Bruce and I really want to visit Tokyo. We’ve been talking about going to a sumo wrestling match. We are almost as interested in the match as we are with seeing the elderly ladies who are reported to be the toughest audience members. They really get into it, we’ve heard. My favorite travel memories usually involve doing something new with people I care about.
Your proudest/most interesting moment in your writing career so far? 
A couple of years ago I probably would have answered this question by highlighting a key article or an interview with a notable figure. But I think what I’m proudest of is my ability to keep writing through the tough times—when the gunky life stuff we all go through at some point made it hard for me to keep moving forward. I had the chance to sort of melt away, but I didn’t do that. It’s hard to best that feeling when you prove to yourself, that yes, you are strong, and yes you can pull through.
Any comments you have about the craft beer scene here in Georgia including what you like most and things you think could be improved? 
On the beer side, it seems like things are pointing in the right direction. I want to keep seeing new breweries find niches, and I want to see more established breweries maintain their presence. This is one of those things where we’d all benefit from having more—more businesses, more participation. Once the laws catch up with the people’s demand, and eventually they will, I think even Atlanta will be surprised at the force this city will yield in the industry.

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