Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Did You #EarnYourBrew?

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In moderation, drinking beer can actually play a key role in "being good" to yourself, providing benefits like improved cardiovascular health, reducing stress, and improving problem solving skills. But we could probably all use a little more balance in our lives between imbibing (maybe a little too much sometimes) and being good to ourselves.

For my part I've spent the last two months doing a lot of walking, getting familiar with my juicer (more about that in an upcoming post), reconnecting to some long neglected parts of myself through my Yin Yoga practice, and taking a much needed look inward and away from the blog for a bit. I've learned a lot (some of it new, some of it new again) about myself.

I've learned I feel better when I take time to get outside, acknowledge my need for down time, and take it easier on myself (read: settle down on the todo list). Most importantly, I've accepted that I have a tendency to take things too seriously, and that if I ease up a bit on my own impossible standards of success and just enjoy the ride a lot of the "hard stuff" becomes easier to process. It feels pretty darn awesome to laugh off some of my mistakes, and take the negativity of others with a grain of salt. I'm physically lighter by about ten pounds, and probably emotionally too. 

Since I invited you to #EarnYourBrew along with me, some of ya'll have really been cashing in on the opportunity to get your fitness on. It's great to see others on the path to balancing out good beer with the rest of the good life. Thanks for affirming the importance of investing in you.

Give us an update on your progress, either in the comments or through an update on social media to see your post added to the #EarnYourBrew challenge board below from Google+, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter (don't forget the hashtag #earnyourbrew)! Props to all ya'll for taking the challenge on with me. Cheers ya'll!

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