Friday, May 3, 2013

{Ladies Who Love Beer} roundup

We're taking a break from our regular Friday feature for a collection of my favorite {LadiesWhoLoveBeer} quotables from March and April. Meet me back here next Friday for our regularly scheduled programming. Cheers!

Erin Lundmark -- Alpharetta, GA
"I like the camaraderie of the beer culture. I haven't personally experienced any camaraderie on the commercial side, but the homebrew community has been fabulous with their support of our start up. And I like seeing the larger craft breweries work together on beers."
Valerie Gibson -- Dallas, TX
"I want to see legislation catch up to the ambition of these small, local breweries (Open The Taps is great here in Texas). I want to see even more experimentation and risk-taking in recipes and styles. I think sour beers are still WAY behind what the market could sustain."
Tierney Pomone -- Harrisburg, PA
"I think a lot of women still see beer as the fizzy yellow water they tried in college and didn’t enjoy. Beer has a lot more flavors than just the overly carbonated watered-down nonsense they once knew, and everyone, not just women, need to know this. I think that it’s important that women feel welcome in this community and that it’s not just a bunch of beardy guys at the end of the bar sniffing their beers (don’t worry I still love you guys). Just like a fine wine, artisan cheese, and a well made chocolate, craft beer is flavorful, elegant, and complex. "
Gina Silva -- Atlanta, GA
"Lately I’ve been educating myself about beer making. After watching my husband homebrew for awhile now I got inspired. So much so that I’m dreaming about beer recipes."
Sarah Young -- Atlanta, GA
"Everyone’s palate is different and people are going to like what they like either way… beer is obviously a very subjective thing. I happen to think we make some super tasty ones and some of the styles might not be as well-known to the general public so I think educating people (without a hint of condescension, can’t stand that!) on the differences between styles is huge."

Victoria & Dianne -- Nashville/Asheville
"Overall, some craft beers seem to employ a tongue-and-check sexism. And that's okay (after all, we are the Beer BITCHES). But when we see Clown Shoes Tramp Stamp, we cringe a little. Also, when will we get to see really hot, scantly clad men on the side of 6-pack or in beer ads? When we do, beer culture will completely embrace women and beer."
Mary-Kate Laird -- Suwanee, GA
"At this point, I think Georgia needs to realize how important the craft brew culture is to its development. Breweries and Brewpubs are appearing all over the place and to have them limit the sale and distribution is unfortunate. Alabama too; it’s the only state where it’s illegal to homebrew. Even after “freeing the hops,” breweries there are taxed to the max for brewing beer."
Paula Nix -- Woodstock, GA
"I’m always amazed at how the simple gift of beer can break down barriers and bring people together. I’ve met so many people who are artists in their own right--writers, musicians, poets, painters--and they all appreciate the artistry of well-crafted beer. The conversations that happen around good beer and the friendships that form on that common ground are a gift."
Amy Penrose -- Rochester, NY
"When it comes to women and beer, there seems to be plenty of talk about women being an anomaly in the beer industry and, while women in the beer industry are still the minority, they are hardly a rarity if you take the time to look. When seeing these women represented in the media, I’d like to see more emphasis on the person and the product, and less on the gender. If a brewer is doing outstanding work, let’s talk about that, not about how surprising it is that this great brewer is a woman."

Are you a lady who loves beer? Do you know someone who is? Hey, Brewtiful is looking for women home brewers (and their accomplices), female beer aficionados and connoisseurs, ladies working in the beer biz who know their stuff, broads who love their local beer haunts and the brew they serve, and ladies who bake, cook, or otherwise experiment with beer to share their stuff. Wanna play along? Leave a comment with your name, email, and a brief pitch at the bottom of this post or contact me directly at heybrewtiful{at}gmail{dot}com.

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