Friday, December 20, 2013

{Update} with Sarah of Wild Heaven

As we inch ever closer to the new year I'm checking in with the ladies who made this first year of features a success. Here's what Wild Heaven Sarah had to say when I asked her for an update...

New developments…
In my personal life, I got engaged. At work, we are finally on the road to opening up in Avondale Estates! Major plumbing, trench drain, and some tile flooring went in most recently. It's really coming along well, and on-schedule. I'm confident we'll be open by early Spring 2014. Stay tuned to our Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram for updates. We're so excited about the progress that we can't help but post about it as it's happening real-time.

New brew loves? Old favorites?
I have to say our Ode to Mercy Special Winter Ale turned out quite well this year but that's too easy!
For a complete change of pace, I've been getting Sierra Nevada's Celebration ('Celebraish' as I call it, channeling Mike Burns @DadBoner) mainly on draft but I've picked up a few 6-packs too. I forgot how much I liked it until it came back on the scene again. Of course there are plenty of great winter warmers out there, but I like the change of pace. Oh, and I'm trying to get my little paws on New Glarus when I can. One of our friends has been getting bottles of it from a friend who has family up in Wisconsin, and I love it. Love everything I've tried so far. They do some really great stuff. I want some just talking about it.

Goals for the future (beer related or not)? 
Honestly, to get through the wedding I'm planning right now and to get to our honeymoon in Antigua! That sounds ridiculous, but it's where I'm at. I can tell you our rehearsal cocktail party will be 'sponsored' by Wild Heaven and since the wedding is in Florida we'll be drinking Cigar City at the reception. Once all that's done with, I'm beyond pumped to get things poppin' (as Ale Sharpton always says) at the brewery. 

2014 is gonna be busy. I'll of course be involved with a lot of front of the house stuff as we're just starting out, but will continue my current roles in the field with sales/marketing and events, too. I’m really looking forward to seeing the team (and the brand) grow and to get Eric's creativity flowing in his own brew house, including the pearly gates system. It's kind of a big deal. I can’t wait to try the first batch of beer brewed in Avondale, which we’ll be ‘launching’ with… insider tip: it won’t be one of our usual offerings, something shiny and new! 

As for raising a glass with someone and where...
That's really, really tough! My brain is beyond overstuffed right now so I may have go with my gut reaction and say Dolly Parton. Yeah, let’s do that – a completely non-beer related person just for the hell of it. But really, she is one of my favorite people that I don't actually know. She keeps it real as sh*t! I could see her being an Invocation kind of gal. As for a location, it'd have to be at Dollywood, naturally.

Cheers to 2014, you guys!


Connect with Sarah on Twitter, Instagram, Untappd, and WildHeavenCraftBeers.

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